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Top 10 daily health goals for a healthy mind and body in 2023

If you're like me, you set goals every year around the beginning of the year. Let's be honest, we all want to be healthy. But sometimes it is hard to accomplish everything you set out on the goal list. Many people give up easily or only try for a couple of weeks or months, then quit.

It's not just about exercise or eating healthy food. It is important to set a practical approach to ensure that the goal’s are being followed. That's why I came up with my Top 10 daily health goals for 2023. Here you go:

1) Prayer and Meditation: For the first 1 hour of waking, stay away from your phone and emails. Start your day with prayers and meditation. This grounds you and set you up for a smooth day.

2) Drink a full glass of water on an empty stomach: wake up your body with a glass of water and. Think about it, most likely your body is dehydrated from about 7-9 hours of fasting overnight.

3) Exercise for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week: this may or may not be for everyday but at least 5 days a week ensure to move your body in moderate exercise such as walking and jogging.

4) Protein rich breakfast and a favorite cup of tea: this is particularly important for women to balance your hormone and mood through out the day. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a cup of tea such as green tea, black tea, ginger lemon, mint e.t.c.

5) Vegetable-rich lunch and a fruit serving: take a lunch break, eat comfortably at a table, chew your food slowly and be intentional in nourishing your body.

6) Never pass an opportunity to pee or poo: regular bowel movement and emptying of the bladder ensure removal of toxins and avoidance of bladder infections.

7) Nurture a close relationship: This goal is for your mind. Nurturing a close social relationships have a great effect on your wellbeing and mental health. Call a friend or family, text your spouse while at work.

8) Set a bedtime routine: eat dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime, No screen at least 1 hour before bedtime, Unwind by reading a book not related to your work. Aim to 7-9 hours of sleep for optimal brain function on the following day.

9) Keep your phone out of your bedroom: this keeps the distraction away and also avoid waking up to catch up with missed messages on phone. This is also a great way to keep out electromagnetic field out of your bedroom.

10) Gratitude journal: every night before you sleep, write down 5 things you are grateful for. Put all your unresolved issues to paper, tasks to do for the following day or week ahead. This clears your headspace allowing you to fall into a restful sleep.

Use this weekly health goal tracker to track your health choices from day to day. At the end of the week you can review and see how well you've done.
Weekly health goal tracker

Minimal and Clean Productive Habit Tracker Checklist Planner
Download PDF • 39KB

Remember these goals are daily goals simple actionable steps that can be taken everyday. If you are looking for a checklist and tracker for these goals. Download my free Health choices checklist here to keep track of your daily health goals.

Disclaimer: all health information provided on this platform represent my opinion only and are for educational purposes only. Reading my blog is not intended to be a substitute for a visit to your local pharmacist, physician, dietitian, and other healthcare providers. Be sure to seek proper care from your nutritionist, family doctors or specialists when needed.


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